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Summer Camp 2014- An Unforgettable Summer for the Children

Summer camp is a specialized program organized by the Team SSEPL. Our list of summer programs & camps has something for every participant. The summer camp is meant for the children of age group 6-12 years.


  • Discover latent talent
  • Make the participants realize their own strength
  • Sharpen attitude through participative and group activities
  • Encourage knowledge sharing
  • Develop intellectual, social and physical abilities

Summer Camp at SSEPL

  • We want children to have an unforgettable summer.
  • Aim to give the children a full day of unlimited fun with interesting creative projects.
  • Encourage sharing and helping each other.
  • Listen to the children and try to give them what they need at that time.
  • Support the children in their need to express themselves; especially if they are particularly artistic.
  • Expect good manners and kindness to each other and will help children to achieve this.

Why Summer Camp???

  • Spend their day being physically active : Camp is action
  • Experience success and become more confident : Camp teaches kids that they can.
  • Gain resiliency :Helps conquer fear
  • Unplug from technology : camp is real
  • Develop life-long skills : Camp expands every child’s abilities.
  • Grow more independent : Camp helps kids develop who they are
  • Have free time for unstructured play : At camp we play
  • Learn social skills: Camp builds teamwork
  • Reconnect with nature : Camp gets kids back outside
  • Make true friends : camp creates friendships

In this year 2014 the motto of the team of SSEPL for the summer camp is to build up a system that will groom a new generation to becomes tomorrow’s world leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals as well as a stronger, smarter, sharper and a good human beings.

We have round up a variety of great Summer Camp that are sure to provide plenty of fun for this summer.