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    Visit of Somesh Chowdhury, Managing Partner Zed Point Plus

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    Job Fair 2018 - Number of students attended-271

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    Job Fair 2018 - Number of students shortlisted for job-153

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    Job Fair 2018

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    Job Fair 2018

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    Job Fair 2018

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    Offer Letter Distribution Ceremony held at Kantapada Centre of SSEPL Skills on 25.05.2018

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    Offer Letter Distribution Ceremony held at Kantapada Centre of SSEPL Skills on 25.05.2018

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    Visit of Managing Director, Quivan Skill, and his Team on 25.05.2018

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    Visit of Managing Director, Quivan Skill, and his Team on 25.05.2018

Career Development Program


SSEPL Skills Pvt. Ltd. remains responsible to execute the MOUs, Technical Training Sessions, and Industry-Academic Interaction for its valued clients as a part of its training and consultancy services. Some of them are:


Business English Certificate (BEC) is an assessment test in English certified by the Cambridge University, UK. This test assesses the four basic Communication Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The BEC certificate is accepted as a proof of the candidate’s ability to communicate in English in a professional manner to carry out business activities in organizational set-ups worldwide. The BEC is accepted by multinational companies. The SSEPL Skills imparts BEC training to B.Tech and Hotel Management students in order to improve their employability opportunities.


Bosch Rexroth is one of the world’s largest specialists in the field of Drive and Control technologies. The objective of the above training program is to expose the students to different aspects of Automation and to improve their knowledge in Hydraulic and Pneumatic drives, Logic circuits and Sensor technology. The program covers both classroom and laboratory components. The program is conducted by SSEPL Skills in Bosch Rexroth research lab on C.V.Raman Campus.


The training programme deals with the broad spectrum of technical process automation in a concise way. The characteristics and special features of process automation are conveyed in a simple manner via images from actual real-life situations, graphic representations of physical technical processes and animated processes which you yourself can manage and control including the basics of Open Loop System and Advanced Open Loop System. The fascination technology, an interface for measuring open-loop control, closed-loop control MPS R PA-The Modular Production System, Complete process of Automation.


Computer-aided design being the need of the hour has an advanced level program called ChemCad. Basic and Advanced CHEMCAD training is required for simulation of equipment used in chemical and photochemical industries. Students will find it useful to understand and apply CHEMCAD in industrial processes which need Distillation, Reactors, Heat exchangers and Controllers.


The aim of this course is to develop an understanding of the basic principles and hands on experience of machining and machine tools used in engineering and underlying computer aided tools. The course of Advanced machining and meteorology leads to a strong foundation in product modelling with elements like Conventional Machining, CNC Machining, FMS and EDM. Advanced Modelling helps to develop students’ awareness in the application of CAD/CAM/CAE systems in the context of developing engineering products. It includes training in AutoCAD/Pro-E and CATIA.


In the Siemens Training Centre at CVRCE,SSEPL Skills Pvt. Ltd. Provides training in system technologies like Basic PLS(Simatic S-7 based), Basic AC/DC Drive, Basic Switchgear/Motor, Basic DCS(Simatic PCS-7 based).


We offer training programs like Oracle SQL/ PL/SQL 9i and 10g Courses which help the students to equip themselves fully to participate in the global economy and be at par with the students of developed countries. Students are provided with the course materials both in soft and hard copies with Certificate of participation from Oracle University under Workforce Development Program(WDP).The WDP makes students technologically equipped and helps them to move towards becoming productive from the 1st day in service.


Education in Engineering Colleges and Universities is severely lagging in meeting VLSI Industry specific needs. There is a big gap between the industry and the fresh engineering graduates. SSEPL Skills’ advanced course in VLSI offers specific courses with a focus on Advanced Technical development. The Course material is designed by the VLSI industry experts with decades of experience working at top technical positions for various MNCs in India and abroad.

Lab View

SSEPL Skills also offers Lab View training and certification options you need in order to be successful. With three different certification levels that validate skill levels ranging from competent basic users up to architects with advanced skills, the organization training and certification program delivers a well-defined path for students to test and demonstrate their expertise in creating applications that use data acquisition (DAQ) devices, use GPIB and serial port instruments and use the state machine design pattern.


STAAD Pro is Structural Analysis and Design Program software.

STAAD Pro is capable of analysing any type of structure exposed to static loading, its dynamic response, soil-structure interaction, wind, earthquake, and moving loads.

STAAD PRO with its applications primarily in the building and Real-estate manufacture - like commercial grade buildings, bridges deck and main road structures, industrial constructions, chemical plant constructions, dikes, Turbine foundations, culverts, other embedded constructions, etc.

Real Property business is one of the profitable spheres of the market and there are huge numbers of backgrounds and chances for BTECH Civil Engineering students who would like to pursue their career as Structural Designers or Design Engineers. Leading constructors and colonizers are putting stress on the real property business to get maximal profit.


The industry is in the need of highly competent, versatile and skilled personnel. Technically capable, amicable and versatile people are the need of the hour. These traits are judged in the selection process when companies come to hire fresh talent from technical colleges. This program is designed to give a complete idea of each sector’s requirement and tune the students to those requirements. This is done by a multi-stage process. They are taken through Pre-assessment and Post-assessment rounds of Mock Group Discussion and Personal Interviews. It includes Aptitude Training, Campus Simulation Tests (Paper-based as well as online) based on latest industry pattern.


"Man by nature desires knowledge." - Aristotle

It is a 20 hrs training program on various Soft Skills like Interpersonal Skills, Team Management Skill, and Leadership Skills, Conflict Management Skills and many more which are essential to equip them to land the corporate sector. These skills are crucial for the trainees to help them work “smarter” and make them industry ready.

Every individual has unused capabilities, unfulfilled substantively. Everyone can be a winner. This is what we believe at SSEPL. We have a range of services for everyone starting from individuals to corporate sectors. We specialize in Finishing school training consisting of Soft skills and technical skills for the various target groups. The major courses are:

  • Spoken English
  • Interview Techniques
  • Presentation Skills
  • CV/ Resume Writing
  • Group Discussion
  • Team building and development
  • Campus Simulation

* Customized and custom made training programs are available on request